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July 18th

In Honor of my Grandfather, Uncle and Cousin Legacy Bulldogs offers a military discount of $100 off any puppy. God Bless our Troops!  To extend my graditude I would love to include all emergency service personel . Police, fire, and rescue services please take this token as my appreciation.

The definition of the word legacy means something handed down from a predecessor from the past.  

 Being an ABC Certified dog trainer, know that your puppy will receive the best socialization and the highest level of training that an 8 week old puppy can aquire.

 When my breeding dogs are to an age where they can no longer breed they will be fixed and spend the rest of there lives in the home they grew up in. I in no way promote selling or rehomeing of any dogs just because they cannot breed.Pictured below: Ty and Dalyce, the start of this Legacy, enjoying opening presents this christmas.  Now retired.

Legacy Bulldogs is changing the way people breed and sell dogs, one puppy at a time.

All my pups are raised by me as the leader , and the pack as there family.  As the leader of this family it is my job to pass a certain legacy down to all my furry children.

A legacy of producing excellent quality pups that are giving all the nessecary traits needed to be a great family member.

Your job a a legacy bulldog owner shall be to carry that legacy on through your puppy's lifetime.  

 I also guarantee a home for every puppy created. I don't care if they are 10 months or 10 years, once a legacy bulldog always a Legacy bulldog. If for any reason you cannot keep your dog, he or she will always have a home here.

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